Get Involved

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in this project… from 10,000 postcards I’ve had 1300 fly back to me (and still coming!) from all over the world, every continent including the Arctic and the Antarctic!

I cannot thank you all individually but I hope you will be able to look on the map and find where you sent your goose from.? I am still photographing all the replies (there’s only me to do everything) so eventually they will all be up on the ‘postcards’ page for you all to look at.

I would love the installation to migrate somewhere else – the birds are currently in hibernation, but if you have a possible location, please get in touch – it would be so great for this to travel.

If you get one of these cards, I’d like you to draw something on it, or write something and send it back to me.? It could be an original poem or painting, it might just be a Brent Goose, it could be something as mundane as a shopping list or it could be your answer to World Peace.? I’d like responses from adults and children, scientists, artists, cooks, mothers, gardeners, IT specialists, composers, cleaners… in short, from ANYONE? from all over the world.? Maybe you’d like to write about an imagined future if all the birds disappeared, or maybe you want to tell me that in 50 years we will have solved Climate Change, given up war and learnt how to be nice to everyone.? Be creative! Surprise me!

10,000 geese cards have now flown, and are flying back to me.? Do keep checking this website to see amazing photos of the returning flock.? Thank you to everyone who has taken part.

Teachers in Exeter/Devon/Cornwall who are interested in this project, I am planning on doing art/science workshops in collaboration with PhD students who study Brent Geese and migration with Professor Bearhop at Exeter University, so get in touch and we may be able to come to your school!

If you are a business, or just a generous individual who would like to help this project and see your name/logo on the website (seen globally) then please contact me.