The Exhibition

The exhibition took place during Devon Open Studios from September 14th-22nd, 2013 at Hope Hall, Hope Road, Exeter, EX2 5JN.

Visitor comments:

‘Inspiring, beautiful, brilliant’

‘Amazing display and concept’

‘This is such an amazing, inspiring project’

‘Stunning and very moving’

‘Really, really incredible and moving and beautiful, don’t really want to leave’

‘Astonishing work!’

‘Thank you for the inspiration’

‘Brought tears to my eyes’

‘The more you look, the more you see.? A fantastic project’

‘Completely stunning’

‘An absolutely amazing exhibition and project’

‘Beautiful and amazing piece of work’

‘A clever idea brilliantly executed’

‘Fantastic display inspiring other people’s? creative skills aswell’

‘Awesome.? A thought-provoking and enjoyable piece that floats effortlessly in the void’

‘Full of impact and wonder’

‘Overwhelmed by the joyous beauty of the installation. Thank you.’


‘Inspiring and wonderful and inventive’

‘Best work we have been to for a very long time’

‘Amazing, inspirational, awe-inspired by Naomi’s work’

‘Magical and moving on so many levels’

‘Moving and spiritual’


‘I really was moved to tears’

‘A visionary piece of work’

‘Very educational and profound at the same time’

‘A great show with integrity, commitment and vision’

‘Fabulously impressive’