This website tells you all about my last project, a collaboration of art and science about migration.? You can find out about the postcards I sent out, where they went and where they ‘migrated’ back from, right up to the final exhibition which was an installation of all the postcards in my studio, Hope Hall, in September 2013.? Click on the links to find out more about Brent Geese, migration, and much more besides, and contact me if you want to know anything about the project.

My name is Naomi, and I’m an artist living and working in Exeter in England.? I’m passionate about wildlife and the environment, and a lot of my work involves looking at nature and human interaction with it.? I’ve always drawn and painted, and I keep sketchbook journals, especially when I travel, but every so often I get a chance to make something really big.? You can see more of my work on my website